Choosing the Right Point of Sale System Can Be Scary

Choosing the Right Point of Sale System Can Be Scary

Point of Sale Systems

Just like finding the right credit card processor for your business, finding the right point of sale system can be just as daunting.  So how does one decide which solution is best for their business?

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Which Point of Sale System or POS is Best for You?

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When tasked with this question, many business owners go straight to their computers and start searching.  However, where they should start is by looking internally at their business and asking themselves what’s important to them.

Asking these types of questions first can drive the type of point of sale solution you are looking for and will help you eliminate the vast number of solutions.

  1. Take the time first to determine what is important to you as a business owner.  Is it in-depth reporting to understand what’s happening in the business?
  2. Is it the integration with your accounting or payroll system because that vendor and process is already in place?
  3. Does it just need be a simple credit card terminal because everything else gets handled through other processes?

Make Sure You Are Not Duplicating Services

Many point of sale solutions try to encompass everything by being your end to end business management tool.  Most point of sale solutions provide everything from inventory control, employee management, accounting and back office functions, and credit card processing.  That is great if you need that, but that’s a question you need to ask yourself.  It’s possible some of these functions are already in place, or you have vendors and existing software that provides these functions.

Get an Expert Merchant Service Provider Involved

Once you have determined what your needs are then its time to involve a merchant service provider.  Finding or contacting a merchant service provider is not a step that most business owners take but they should.

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Getting a merchant service provider involved in your decision process can help you by pointing things out you may not have thought about.  Remember, a good merchant service person is one that can independently help you by providing education as well as they have experience in dealing with many other organizations similar to yours.

Another reason to get a merchant service person involved is that they typically have connections or have worked with Point of Sale companies in the past.  Thus helping you with determining which ones fit better with your business model or which ones will fit into your budget.  Or perhaps even introduce you to some local representatives that can help you with your decision.


Obviously finding a good merchant service representative should be a crucial part of your business.  Many business owners view them as just means to get better pricing on your credit card processing, however having an industry expert on your side can make a world of difference.

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All of us at Digital Financial Group takes great pride in being subject manner experts.

Not all point of sale solutions are the same, just like your business is unique to you.  It’s our goal and mantra to help you find the one that best fits your needs and helps you get the lowest credit card processing rates possible.

For additional questions or for more information on this topic, feel free to reach out to us at 602-635-6494 or [email protected].

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