Clover Homebase

Clover Homebase

If you haven’t heard of Clover yet you will at a retailer near you.  It’s a tablet-based business management tool for retailers and restaurants alike.  It provides tools such as inventory control, customer management, social media tools, and credit card processing.  It’s the easiest tool available for businesses to manage their entire business, especially when you look at all the integrated apps.

One of those integrated solutions is called Time Clock by Homebase.  This tool is a complete staff management tool that helps with creating and publishing work calendars.  It also helps with managing shifts, breaks, and overtime and makes it easier than ever.  It provides online access so you can create, modify, and alert your staff from anywhere at any time.  With automatic alerts for late clock in’s or upcoming over time, you can manage better leaving you to more important duties.  And the best part is that when you’re done making your adjustments, you can email or send text messages to your employees so they receive the updates as soon as you’re done making them.

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Time Clock


Homebase offers FREE Time Clock tools:

  1. Clock in, clock out + track breaks
  2. Declare cash tips
  3. Utilize server banking
  4. Integrated credit card tips
  5. Payroll-ready timesheet export

Homebase offers FREE Scheduling tools:

  1. Send schedule by email + text message
  2. Manage time-off requests
  3. Handle shift trades
  4. Free iPhone + Android apps
  5. Employee reminders one hour before shift

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