Clover Pricing through Digital Financial Group

Clover Pricing through Digital Financial Group

Clover Pricing

Clover Pricing. Not only is Clover POS Software is a great solution for managing your entire business, it’s also very affordable to fit within your budget.  If you’ve ever bought a Point of Sale solution then you know you can spend anywhere from $5,000 to 50,000.  And that doesn’t take into account any licensing or support fees once you’ve purchased the equipment.  Well say goodbye to that big budget POS and say hello to only $500 to $5,000 depending on what your needs are.  You can also say goodbye to that credit card terminal on your counter that does little for you except process payments.  Clover POS replaces all of that and gives you more.

Some say that Clover POS pricing is too expensive when you add up the monthly fees and processing rate with the integrated apps.  When we hear this we always answer it in three parts:

  • The first thing to consider when looking at a solution like Clover is that it’s a complete business management tool.  With its integration of business functions like inventory management, employee scheduling, and other time-saving features found in the Clover App Market one has to keep in mind how much it’s costing you to have your owner or manager working on those tasks.  Clover’s whole intention is to make things easier and faster allowing the owner or manager to spend more time working on the business instead of always working in the business.
  • Secondly, with apps that bring loyalty, customer engagement, reporting, and analytics to your fingertips you can increase business.  That’s the beauty of this tool, used in conjunction with the apps it will increase your business by engaging your customers and bringing them back for more.
  • Lastly, the members of Digital Financial Group have been in the industry for over 20 years.  Not only do they know how to save you money on processing fees, they educate their customers on how to process transactions to increase your savings.  The savings recovered can be used to offset some of the monthly fees of Clover.
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