Credit Card Processing Next Day Deposits

Credit Card Processing with Next Day Deposits Understanding Your Merchant Account

Merchant Credit Card Processing Next Day Deposits

With the current state of business moving so fast, cash flow is always a state of concern.  Sometimes it can be a tough balance between ordering inventory versus how much current cash is available.  Credit card processing next day deposits can be a great solution.


3 Questions to Ask About Credit Card Processing Next Day Deposits

#1 What is Credit Card Processing Next Day Deposits?

Typically when setting up an account for credit card payment processing, the standard setup is a two-day funding or 48-hour.  48-hour funding means that on day one you process a credit card, but then receive the funds for that card approximately 48 hours later.  Setting up a credit card processing account for next day deposit means just that, you’ll receive the funds the next day.


#2 Are Banks or Independent Resellers Better at Credit Card Processing Next Day Deposit?

In some cases, banks are better at credit card processing next day deposits then say smaller credit card processing companies.  But Beware! Larger banks such as Bank of America Merchant Services or Wells Fargo Merchant Services can loan the business the funds.


Essentially the network typically still takes up to 48 hours, however because of the bank’s size they can float the receivables to their customers as a selling feature and your credit card processing fees can be higher because of this feature.  Credit unions and community banks may not be able to offer this type of solution as it’s just not their policy to float money in that fashion.  For some business models such as restaurants or HVAC companies, this may be the number one priority.


When working with independent resellers of credit card processing they typically have their own version of next day deposits.  Most independents offer credit card processing next day deposit accounts as well, but with one stipulation.  The business typically has to batch out or settle their account by a certain time each day for the funds to make the window cut.

For instance, Digital Financial Group of Arizona’s accounts must batch out by 5:30 pm central standard time which then results in the funds being available the next day by 10:00 am.  Any transactions accepted after the batch was settled will just roll to the next day and be included in the following day’s settlement.

#3 Can I Switch My Existing Merchant Account to Next Day Deposits?

Typically, you can switch an existing credit card processing account over from 48-hour funding to next day deposits.  However, it just depends if the existing platform your merchant account is currently on has the capability.  Not all platforms have this ability so to find out if yours does, call your merchant service company and ask.  Ask to see if you can get set up for next day funding.  You may have to close the existing account and open a new one on a different platform, but this should be an easy task to complete.  A task that your existing provider should be able and willing to help you with.

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