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Merchant Service Solutions Customized

Sometimes custom merchant service solutions assist clients that just don’t fit the mold for the typical credit card processing.  Because of this we leverage our 20 plus years of industry experience to create merchant service solutions that are customized based on the client needs. This sets Digital Financial Group apart from our competitor’s.   It all starts by meeting with people to begin building a relationship.  Meetings that turn into an open discussion of possible fun and exciting opportunities for both parties.

The Solution

One such case is a new up and coming organization focused on the nonprofit sector.  We began our conversation over a year ago, but just recently they called us back.  As with a lot of new companies, their original focus had changed, but their desire to help nonprofit organizations hadn’t.  They wanted to do something different and they needed a merchant service provider that not only understood, but could also create a custom merchant service solution.  After our first meeting we had to go back to the office and think it through internally.  A couple of weeks later we were back in front of them with more questions and more discussion of how to make it work.

Once we thought we had a plan of how it could work we pinged our internal First Data expert to see what she thought.  She understood and needed to research it through her channels within First Data.  We knew this type of setup would be different and we needed to get all the proper channels in line to ensure success from all aspects as well as ensure there were no problems down the road.  The setup was so different from the norm that First Data compliance needed to get involved.  Compliance took the time to go back and review the Visa/MasterCard regulations to see if there were any problems.  In the end they found nothing that prevented us from moving forward.  After a couple of weeks within First Data we finally had the go ahead to move forward.

Ready for Launch

After three weeks of programming, we were ready to launch.  The organization is about to launch with its first couple major nonprofit organizations.  Even better is that they have many more they are having conversations with.  The product is very simple, but the process behind the simplicity isn’t.  The whole process has taken us about three months to put together.  We see great things from this joint venture which was well worth the time involved.

Its times like these that set us apart and makes us excited that we are not the typical credit card processing company that is telemarketing for its clients.  Custom merchant service solutions aren’t needed for most retail clients, however with new technology there are new demands.  We’re in the business of building relationships as that’s where creativity meets success.  The act of accepting payments has existed for many years and with new technology comes new ways to change old boring ways of doing things.  Let’s take a look at your world and see how we can get creative!

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