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What is the Digital Financial Group Advantage?

The Digital Financial Group Advantage prides itself on providing merchant service consultants or being a payment advisor is a trusted resource that can perform an independent review of all your payment acceptance needs.  It’s what gives Digital Financial Group an advantage over everyone else.  What used to be a basic concept of collecting money for services or products sold has become a very complex industry with new technologies.  Finding the right Point of Sale system that helps streamline your business or helps you accomplish operational goals is not an easy task.

Then mix in data security, PCI Compliance and the persistent telemarketing calls for credit card processing it can leave one ready to pull their hair out.  A payment advisor helps with identifying giving you the ability to streamline processes, identify software, or can provide industry education that will save you hours of time as well as money.

Do I need a merchant service or payment advisor?

Regardless of your company’s size, a merchant service or payment advisor can help you avoid the hassle of doing the research, holding several conversations with various vendors, as well as provide you industry insights.  Some of the areas we look at are:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Minimizing outstanding receivables
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover or American Express rules, regulations, and compliance
  • Merchant processing fees
  • How to read processing statements
  • What equipment should you be using
  • What vendor should I choose

Why should I use Digital Financial Group

Digital Financial Group is a group of merchant service consultants and payment advisor who have worked for processors such as First Data or Total Systems.  Most of the team spent over ten years on the processor side of the industry before starting Digital Financial Group in 2002.  We sit down with various business types on a daily basis educating and advising them on what works or what doesn’t.  In a world that has pushy sales people and does a lot of telemarketing, we pride ourselves on building relationships with each of our customers regardless of their size.  Giving you all the information needed to have a merchant account that works for you. The landscape is more diverse and harder to understand than it ever has been.  Every business needs someone on their side when it comes to this area, and that is where we fit in.

Setting up a consultation

The one thing you won’t get from setting up a meeting with us is a push to buy.  Our merchant service consultations or payment advisors don’t always end up with us being the vendor of choice because we put your business needs first.  Sometimes we discover that the business needs warrant the selection of other providers.  That’s the Digital Financial Group Advantage!  Although we love new customers, we love building strong relationships first.

For more information on any of our solutions, please contact us at (623) 764-7471 or email us at [email protected].

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