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As many business owners know the credit card processing industry is overrun with telemarketers and the act of getting setup is a simple process these days.  However, once you have obtained a merchant account verifying that you are not paying too much or you got what you were verbally told during the sales process is almost impossible!  That’s where Digital Financial Group comes in.  We’re experts in the payments arena because we bring over 20 years of experience.

Recently we were brought into a tire and auto company that had six retail locations.  Initially, the discussion started with level 3 business to business payments.  They had questions surrounding the lower rates associated with providing transaction detail that is not normally processed through most payment providers.  We worked through those questions, provided information, and put them on a program that garnered them several thousand dollars in savings. 

This took several months of due diligence and implementation and in the meantime, their business needs changed.  The old way of taking payments, estimating jobs, documenting, and storing of customer data was just too cumbersome.  As a result, they looked around and found an integrated system that solved some very critical business issues.  As a result, they had three different credit card processing companies that were all vying for their business.  One was the software provider, the other was their bank where they had a business line of credit and the third being myself. 

I was brought in to consult with them once again. 

Of course, I would love to have their credit card processing business. Who doesn’t want business, right?  However, putting my customers’ needs ahead of my business needs, I provided them with an independent review and suggestion as to their best direction.  In the end, the best option was the software solution provider because the integrated solution outweighed everything else.  The merchant service pricing was similar and the software had a proprietary merchant service provider

Now obviously I didn’t get the business, but what we did do was so much more.  First, we gained the trust of another client and built a long-term relationship.  Second, because of the independent position we took they hopefully will refer us to other companies who are in the same situation of needing to streamline their internal processes and save on credit card processing fees.  And finally, we will be afforded back in the business in six months to make sure their vendor pricing is still in line with their original commitments.  Building success comes in many different forms in business and sometimes it’s more important than just garnering revenue.

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