Do You Know Who I am (A Follow up)

Do You Know Who I am (A Follow up)


From my last blog article entitled “Do you know who I am? Find out before you sign!” I received several questions from people inquiring more detail on researching their vendors.  As a merchant service provider, I often research people or their businesses to ensure I am setting their account up correctly but also to build a relationship with them so I can support them better.  Listed below are examples of how I use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Search to better understand the people I work with.


Facebook is not the best at finding people and with its security settings it’s easy for people to block their content from people who aren’t their friends.  However, what you can find typically on Facebook is businesses.  Most businesses have pages which are different from finding their web page.  Businesses will post different information on their page versus what is on their website but most importantly Facebook allows comments that everyone can read.  Take the time to review everything that is listed on their page because remember the more information you have the smarter you are about their services and reputation.  Also, remember to look up the particular person you are working with because you may get lucky and find them which will give you even greater insight into who you’re working with.


LinkedIn is the best place to find people you are dealing with because that is the focus of LinkedIn, People!  Whether you are looking for your merchant service provider or any other vendor make sure you perform a name search for that person.  On LinkedIn, you can view how long a person has been at their current position.  You can see their previous jobs held.  View how many connections they have and even see if they have any recommendations from other people.  One thing I would also encourage you to do is to see what groups they belong to.  All this information in one place which provides you insight into who you are dealing with and what you are getting yourself into.

Google Search

Google search is one of the best tools for searching out people because it will typically provide their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.  You can also use Google to search for businesses.  By looking up a business you might find that they have had several complaints against them or perhaps worse yet liens or judgements.  Make sure when you search the business look at more than just the first page.  Sometimes the search will produce so many items for that particular company that it can fill more than one page of the search so make sure you look at all the information.  Looking at all the search results will ensure that you are making an educated decision.

Okay, some of you asked me “What if I did all this and I can’t find any information”?  Well, unfortunately, you are back to the old way of doing business.  They came in, did the sales pitch, showed you some numbers, and now you just have to go with your gut instincts.  However, let me say this, with today’s technology-driven nation why can’t you find them in any of these places?  There’s no real way to tell if they are hiding or just haven’t gotten into the game yet, but let me ask you this.  Who would you feel more comfortable doing business with, someone you can obtain information on or someone you can’t.

Just one last little bit of self-promotion.  As I stated in my last article, we truly put ourselves out there for everyone of our customers to see.  You can find our profiles and our page on Facebook.  We have very detailed profiles on LinkedIn and can be found using Google Search.  Google Search will pull a complaint which we fixed, however, we’re not perfect and we do make mistakes so take the time to learn more about Digital Financial Group.

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