Do You Know Who I Am?

Utilizing Social Media to Select a Merchant Service Partner

In an effort to bring you topics of interest, we thought we would provide you with some Social Media food for thought.  As a merchant service provider, we meet with a lot of business owners and hear the same theme time and time again.  As a business owner, you are presented with a sales pitch, some pricing, maybe a competitive analysis and then asked to make a decision.  Insert Social Media!  If you are a business owner who is responsible for signing contracts, then it’s in your best interest to use social media as a tool to help you make decisions.  Think about it, no matter what services you are looking for odds are someone will come knocking at some point to try and sell something and how do you make good business decisions?  With tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google Search you can look up your vendors and/or sales people by name.  If you’re not doing this today then start tomorrow!  Today many businesses have Facebook pages which show their products and services and some even provide feedback from their customers.  You can even look for the various contacts and sales people you deal with and find them on Facebook.  If there any kind of professional at all they’ll be on LinkedIn with their resumes and employment history.  Tools such as these enable business owners to obtain a better understanding of who they are dealing with.  No longer do you have to base your business decisions from gut instinct, a short sales presentation, and some pricing. Armed with Facebook and LinkedIn you can request to be friends and see what kind of posts they share to their friends and contacts.  With LinkedIn, you can see their current length of employment, if they are currently looking for other employment, their group affiliations or if they have any business recommendations.  Google is probably the best tool because you can search a person’s name and everything on the Internet comes up which allows you to see what kind of information is out there on that person.

Why is Social Media Important?

Case in point, when it comes to the credit card processing industry I have found that many people have horror stories for one reason or another.  When I listen to the stories, I find that the root cause of the problem typically comes down to the representative that sold and set-up the account.  I would say that the representative didn’t understand their account needs, didn’t know what they were doing because they were new or inexperienced, or just didn’t care about the business because they were looking to make a quick dime.  As in all industries, there are good and bad sales people that represent both good and bad companies.  However, how do you tell?  Well, “Do You Know Who I Am?”  Do your homework prior to signing another contract!  On every email, from our business, it has links to LinkedIn, Facebook, our Website, and Twitter accounts so that you can see who we are and what we stand for as an individual and a company.  Take a few minutes to use these tools to your benefit because you’ll never know how much it could have saved you until it’s too late!

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