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Entrepreneurship And The Art Of Fumbling There Is No One Book For Success

Ask any five entrepreneur’s the key to their success and you’re likely to get five different answers.  The art of being a successful entrepreneur is a mix of persistence, commitment, vision, risk-taking, capacity for personal growth, and a huge degree of fumbling.  Yes, I said it, fumbling!


There is No One Book For Success

Take five different businesses in the same category selling the same services, and I bet you’ll find four to five of them are approaching their markets differently.  Building a successful business, unfortunately, is not like putting a Lego set together that has pictures and numbered instructions.  Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no one book to building a business.  There are a lot of books that exist about being successful, but unfortunately finding the right one for you and how you want to grow the business may prove difficult.  As entrepreneurs, we have our personalities of how to accomplish things which is why that five business we spoke of above have their plan for success.


It’s A Lonely World

Most entrepreneur’s find that the world is a lonely place.  The reason for this is two reasons which were touched upon in the paragraph above.  As individuals, we have our way of thinking.  Our backgrounds, experience, even how we grew up makes up how we think.  As entrepreneurs its hard to find another person whose experiences and backgrounds are just like ours.  Everyone’s thought process is different.  Also, since there is no one book for success we are unable to ask another person “hey what do you think.”  If we do, invariably the answer that comes back doesn’t or can’t be applied to our situation.  Certain aspects of another person’s answer can be applied, however, in the end, some degree of guessing by the entrepreneur will still need to be applied.

The Art of Fumbling

Because there is no one book for success and because entrepreneurs typically have to go it alone, it brings us to the Art of Fumbling.  Day in and day out entrepreneurs have to make decisions on where and how to take the business.  That’s the great thing about being an entrepreneur is that we have the opportunity to evolve and learn from the successes and failures of how to grow a business.  Whether it’s trying to figure out product positioning, building new sales, or how to grow the business we are fumbling via our education and experiences.  We use everything we have to make the correct decisions, but in the end, we still don’t know if it will work.  Thus the reason I call it the Art of Fumbling!  Entrepreneur’s think you know the way to success, but along the way you’re going to bump into things, get smacked in the face (sometimes hard), and even fall into some potholes.  But if you’re a smart entrepreneur, along the way, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.  It’s fumbling for success at its greatest level with the greatest risk.  But it also has the greatest reward because, in the end, every successful entrepreneur can say the same thing, I DID IT MY WAY!


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