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Gateway Ticketing Systems

Gateway Ticketing Systems is one of the largest providers of Point of Sale and Payment Gateway solutions for the amusement park, zoos, aquariums, and tour attractions industry.  They have been providing ticketing software for over 30 years and have developed a system that is feature rich and robust to handle any situation.  

gateway ticketing systems


Many Ticketing System Options

Whether you’re selling tickets online or at your door, the production, management, and accounting can be quite cumbersome.  No matter what your business need is, Gateway has the staff and experience that can provide a solution.  They have the highest level of PCI Compliance, 24-hour support, as well as hosting and load balancing for those busy hours of operations.

And although Gateway Ticketing specializes in amusement parks and attractions, they also have solutions for other business types such as ferries and buses.


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