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A new movement is taking place and Insightics can help you be even more successful using powerful analytics.  For those of you who have never heard of a company called First Data they are the backbone of most credit card processing in the United States.  First Data is the processor for approximately 80% of any credit card processing transaction and they are the network behind banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo and many others.  Insight from merchant services recently First Data released an invaluable tool called Insightics that could have a huge positive impact on the way you do business.

Obviously, when a credit card transaction takes place on the First Data system they collect information about that transaction.  Using the Insightics tool, a business can pinpoint on a map where their customers are, how close they live, or where they don’t have any customers.  The information obtained could then be used to better target marketing campaigns for greater returns.  The business can even see how they stack up against other businesses in their same category.  Insightics is the only tool of its kind that uses real credit card processing data to create powerful analytics and it’s only available to First Data customers.  What’s more is that businesses using the Clover POS system, Insightics is built right into the software and it’s free.  Just another reason that if you’re not using Clover POS, you’re missing the boat of opportunity.

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