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In this retail world, staying ahead of the competition is a must.  No matter what your business model is, you have to be agile, be smarter about your customers, and regularly reviewing your model for any possible changes.  To be successful, you need tools.  Tools that help you be more efficient with your time and energy.  One such product that we recommend uses your credit card processing sales to help you quickly understand your customers better. This is where Clover POS Insightics is useful.

Clover POS Insightics

First Data’s product Insightics delivers straightforward insights you can quickly act on.  Simplifying your data, so you know which products are big sellers, what’s popular in various customer demographics, and how to respond to things like weather or holidays or perhaps even traffic.

  • Allows you to compare your business operations to nearby and similar companies, so you always know exactly where you stand
  • Real-time data updates that keep you aware of large payments transactions, product trends, or even customer spending habits
  • See where you are and where you should be
  • The forecast uses your historical data to help you figure out how much you should be making right now—and in the future
  • Helps you get to know your customers by their spending habits
  • See the different consumer demographics by who’s shopping with you, how often they return to your business, and what products they are buying
  • Gain insights about your products and more

Clover POS Insightics




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