Is Clover POS right for your business?

Clover the Solution You Need

If you’re looking for something more robust to help you run your business, maybe it’s time to move away from the typical credit card terminal and consider a point of sale system.  With its sleek design, Clover POS is the perfect fit for any business model with three different variations.

Clover Station

Clover Station is the mother of all point of sale systems.  It’s a state of the art flexible tablet-based system that can help you streamline and manage your entire business.  The station has a printer and cash drawer.  Clover station was designed for your typical retail or restaurant type setup that needs a hard wired stationary type setup.  The station provides access to all of the various apps and is basically you’re in store management tool.  And the typical $5,000 to $50,000 for a POS system starts out at only $1,200 for Clover Station.  As you may already know, what makes Clover more unique than any other POS system is the fact that it allows software developers to integrate with it.  Why this is so valuable?  Because Clover can’t be experts in every aspect of running a business.  Knowing this fact, Clover allowed software developers who are experts in other business areas such as employee management or restaurant table management to code to their product.  The value to you versus any other POS is that Clover POS is on a whole different playing field.

Clover Mobile

Does your business accept payments out in the field?  The Clover Mobile device was designed for those businesses that are familiar and still want to carry a credit card terminal type device.  However, Clover Mobile is setup and operates much like the Clover Station.  The device is ergonomically designed, it’s a tablet-based system, and it has the integrated apps which makes it a mobile point of sale solution.  It can process regular credit cards as well as the new chip cards.  Clover Mobile can also be used in conjunction with Clover Station in businesses such as a restaurant as it is a perfect fit for pay at the table.  Not only is Clover Mobile a great business management tool, its price point doesn’t break the bank.  Previously the typical mobile credit card terminal would cost a business anywhere between $600 and $1,200 per device.  Clover Mobile however only cost around $600 per device and provides a lot more functionality.

Clover Go

Clover Go is another unique tool for businesses that just need a simple way to accept a credit card payment out in the field.  Using a standard smart phone, either Apple IOS or Android, Clover Go plugs into the headphone jack on any device.  This allows for anyone to simply swipe or insert a chip card so they can accept payment simply without all the bells and whistles.  Not every business needs a full end to end solution and Clover Go fits that need.  It’s simple, easy, and best of all every payment can be seen through an online web portal for accounting purposes.

As you can see Clover POS is a fit for any business model.  Each of these products are a great asset to any business, but they can also be combined as well.  For example, a pizza restaurant may decide to use Clover Mobile in their dining room for pay at the table and use Clover Go for their delivery drivers.  All products are integrated and talk to each other which makes Clover a complete business management tool.

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