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  • We offer every type of payment acceptance, but we also understand that there are other business reasons as to why you cannot change your credit card processing account.  Maybe you have a rolling line of credit with your bank who also handles your credit card processing, or maybe you are under contract with your current provider.  Let us help you review the current structure and pricing as an arbitrary entity.  We’ll help you negotiate new rates, find hidden or existing fees, or just help you get better rates overall.

Customer Dynamics

  • You probably already have a good understanding of the typical customer you are looking for. You’ve been in business for a number of years and feel you have it down, but could there be more?  Could there be a way to integrate your payment and marketing tools which would provide you with data to analyze that you currently don’t have?  As an independent organization our goal is to come in and look at these disparate systems and find tools that will help you better understand the profile of your best customers, market to them in new ways, and ultimately increase your overall revenue.

Customer Loyalty Marketing

  • These days most business have them, Facebook, Twitter, emailing and texting.  We’ve all been dragged into social media in one way or another, but has any of it really helped our bottom line revenue?  Most will say no and it’s probably not far from the truth.  Creating good campaigns that recruiting your best customers takes time and hiring an outside agency to help when margins are thin is not always possible.  But what if there was a way to hire an outside agency that looked at the systems in place, possible systems that could be implemented, and assisted with the overall success of those systems.  Then what if that company made it possible to only get paid as it helped you grow, would you hire them?  At Digital Financial Group we don’t work for free, however our goal is success.  Your success means our success and our goal is to build solutions that are a win win for everyone involved and that includes our pricing.

Payment Processing

  • Digital Financial Group’s payment processing is fast, easy, and designed to fit the way you do business. We offer secure transactions, speedy funding, promotional payment options, and instant transaction viewing. Our payment processing is ready-to-use with whatever POS, dial terminal, or mobile payment option you choose. Unlike other payment processors that tell you how you can process your payments, with DFG the choice is truly yours to make. Through DFG, you can accept all payment types and card brands ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
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