Merchant Service Support And The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile

Merchant Service Support - Going The Extra Mile Best Credit Card Processing Customer Support

Like many industries, technology and competition have made credit card processing a commodity to businesses large and small.  It’s become easier than ever to get set up with a merchant account and process credit cards.  Competition in the merchant account industry has been very stiff for many years, but recently some of the competition has taken simplicity to a new level by making it very easy to obtain an account.  Simplicity seems great on the surface, but what are the downsides that are hidden in this simplicity.  Digital Financial Group the best merchant service customer support by going the extra mile.

With processes becoming more streamlined and simpler, many merchant service companies have either eliminated their support staff, reduced hours and staffing, or moved their call centers overseas.  Support staff for questions or account modifications is more difficult to the point of causing serious frustration.  Case in point, recently we were called by a couple of our customers to help them, and knowledge and experience provided the best experience for all involved.

Reconciling of the accounts

Our first example is a customer that processes thousands of transactions in any given month.  They have an online website where they accept credit cards as well as multiple ticket windows where they are swiping cards.  The ticket window terminals communicate with one payment gateway, while the website communicates with another.  Each of these payment gateways has their reporting, and of course, the business does as well.  As a merchant service provider, we then have our reporting tool as well.  Trying to get each of these reports to reconcile can be a nightmare, which is why they called us to assist or at least explain some of the discrepancies.  Taking the time to work with them to understand what they were looking at and showing them how to switch between all the different reports was a great asset to a controller that was definitely frustrated.

A Drastic Change In The Business Model

In this example, our customer had a big change in their business, and they needed help fast.  The customer had acquired a new contract that would ultimately triple their volume by a single transaction.  From typical volumes of around $150,000 from multiple clients they were looking for a new customer paying on average $300,000 on one credit card.  As one can imagine the single large transaction created some big risk issues along with some logistical and document concerns.  For weeks we worked with them in an attempt to understand the model as well as provide them with different options.  In these cases, it’s a balance between what the underwriters want from a risk perspective and how or what the customer can provide.  It was a lengthy and detailed set of conversations that involved some truly experienced people.  In the end, they ended up choosing to go with their bank because the bank had a lower risk with all their other accounts.

Being Proactive Before There Is A Problem

With this example, one of our clients was expanding their business by adding another location.  A new location typically wouldn’t cause any effect on the merchant account. However, our account representative saw that they were using a different name for the new facility.  After inquiring whether or not they were using the same tax id, the representative realized there was a problem.  With us having only the one tax id, that would mean we would be reporting all revenue to one causing tax problems down the road.

Having support staff that is knowledgeable, that can see problems before they happen, as well as be proactive in watching out for the customer is what sets a business apart.  It’s great that it is now easier and faster than ever to get set up with a merchant account.  However, credit card processing is how many businesses receive their revenue, and it takes knowledgeable people to support that effort.  People who will go the extra mile to help educate and solve problems when they arise.


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