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A Mulit-Functioning POS Solution

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Micro POS

POS Solution for Restaurants

Micros Point of Sale is a solution for typically multi-chain restaurants who have a large inventory and are needing multiple functions such as accounting, inventory, and cost of goods sold.


Micros used to be the main provider of a robust point of sale solution, however, in recent years there have been many new solutions that have entered the marketplace.  Because of Micros success, there are many businesses that are still using it as their point of sale solution, but just not using all of its features.  Micros is a great solution, but it can be costly for a new startup or if you have to upgrade to become PCI Compliant.


Micros is a great tool for managing all your retail or restaurant functions, however, to fully incorporate all its functions many businesses often establish a relationship with a local support organization.  Micros can be technical and in the beginning, requires a lot of time to set it up. Because of this, we work with business owners in finding a POS Provider that can setup the functions and menu items the way you need them.


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