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Alternative Industries Utilizing Micros Point of Sale System Not Just for Restaurants

Micros Point of Sale

Micros POS or Point of Sale, an organization possessed by Oracle, has been a staple of the retail and restaurant point of sale framework for quite a long time. Any individual who’s worked in an eatery is likely very familiar with the system.  Micros has large clients such as Pizza Hut, TGI Friday’s, Aramark, Bertucci’s, and almost every airport restaurant nationwide. The question is, is it an ideal choice for your eatery or business?

Is Micros only for the restaurant business?

While Micros has significant experience in restaurants, does offer some great features for other organizations such as retailers, amusement parks, and gambling clubs. The system fits into any facility because of its robust feature set that help businesses manage more than just payments.  Owners need access to employee schedules, products that are moving off the shelves, as well as financial reporting, and Micros has it all.

What You’ll Need

To utilize the Micros POS framework, you’ll require Micros equipment and POS programming, along with a vendor representative. Micros is a robust point of sale solution so installation of its equipment and programming for your particular business can get complicated.  So make sure you find a company or representative that has experience in dealing with the complexity of the system.

Micros POS Features

A business can accept all forms of payments such as cash, checks, and credit cards and the system can be customized to meet a variety of business models.  Some devices allow for gift and loyalty programs as well as barcode readers for inventory control.

Takeout and Delivery

Micros’ web tool allows for your customers to review your menu and then order online for takeout or delivery.  It incorporates Google Maps to enable clients to discover your business, as well as see your delivery area or restrictions. You can likewise acknowledge online coupons and set limits for clients, such as minimum order amount.  Micros’ web even integrates with Facebook for web-based social networking.

Kitchen Printing

Micros offers kitchen printers with various language settings to ensure your staff knows what and how to prepare your menu items. Owners can pick between various printer models or even go paperless by using a television screen that can be managed by the staff.  There are options for using a tablet that can be secured in an area or on a stand to display the various orders.


To help you better understand your business, Micros offers an assortment of reports and back-office functions, including work administration, item administration, and money related administration. Reports are accessible for different areas, combining and accommodating inventory stock as well as managing multiple locations.

Employee Management

Employee administration can be a time-consuming proposition in any business. With Micros POS you can track finance costs, plan staff, set alarms when workers are getting close to overtime, ascertain labor costs, or prepare tax filings.  You can also review tips by the worker, forecast labor requirements, and process payroll. Micros offers swipe cards for representatives to sign in which saves time and allows you to understand you’re staff better.

Product Management

Inventory administration such as requesting, receiving, and stocking is easy with Micros because of its real-time inventory management system. Item administration goes all the way down to the various ingredients needed to ensure your food recipes stay intact and have the flavor your business is known for.  With that, Micros supports recipe items for new staff or to ensure a new chef can quickly ascertain your menu.  Moreover, you can see top selling items on the menu, so you can adjust or make sure you’re ordering the quantities needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Financial Management

Micros provides the ability to make custom reports to see data as you need to. Reports can track spending plans, sales, or whatever detail you need. Micros real-time system allows you to generate reports by hour, day, week, or month, depending on what you’re looking for.

Hardware and Accessories

Micros POS runs on Windows reducing the time it takes for employees to learn the system.

Micros offers an extensive variety of equipment. Everything from customer screens, printers, standardized tag scanners, money drawers, credit card scanners, and that’s just the beginning. You can add or eliminate hardware to make a customized solution for your business requirements.  To better understand your requirements, contact a local authorized dealer in your area.


Micros is PCI-DSS compliant, guaranteeing security for organizations and clients. Older versions of Micros may not be compliant, so make sure you are running the latest version of the software.

Micros Pricing

The expenses of executing Micros POS can fluctuate depending on the equipment needed and the customized solution needed to support your business.  Some business owners find that the expenses of picking Micros are too high for their particular spending, however, given the robust offering of Micros, the long-term efficiencies tend to make it worth every penny.  Factors that need to be assessed are POS hardware, any software licenses, month to month expenses, as well as any local representative support bundles.


For more information about Micros POS or any other products, your assessing, feel free to reach out to us with questions.  An honest, straightforward, unbiased, representative can save you hours of frustration and headaches and will help you streamline your business.  To learn more about how Digital Financial Group can help you and your business, feel free to reach out to us at getaccount@dfgaz.com or call 623-764-7471.

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