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Digital Financial Group is a pioneer in the Credit Card processing and was the first to have mobile payments through a credit card swiper attached to the cell phone.  In 2004 we were the first to partner with Nextel to have an ergonomic device that snapped onto their phones.  Since that time we have continued to be a leader in providing state of the art products for an industry that is constantly evolving.

We’re innovators who have created a suite of mobile products to fit your needs.  As innovators, we also recognize that sometimes your business demands are outside of our product scope.  Because of this we also partner with other providers who may fit your needs better.  It’s our way of becoming a one stop shop for all your payment acceptance needs.

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Never go to the Bank Again

Our partner, vSP, provides its vSecureVault to remove the stress associated with ensuring data integrity, cardholder security, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

  • Guaranteed check conversion – Electronically process checks and deposit into your account within 48-hours. DFG’s check guarantee provider will guarantee payment if the check is returned for insufficient funds and will collect on a returned check.
  • Check conversion – Ideal if you wish to use electronic check conversion but have an established consumer base and feel guaranteeing checks is unnecessary. The check is converted to an electronic transaction; however, DFG’s check guarantee provider does not guarantee payment if the check is returned.
  • Check guarantee – Accept checks risk-free and process them in the traditional paper-based method. The customer’s checking information is entered into your credit card terminal and validated.
  • Check verification – Informs you if the check writer has negative feedback within the authorization network. You decide to accept or deny the customer’s check based on the feedback you receive from the network.
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eProcessing Network offers a complete suite of mobile cell phone products.  eProcessing is a great inexpensive solution that is easy to use.  One of their strengths is their integration with QuickBooks as well as their recurring billing and invoice emailing system.  Customers that we have using this solution like the simplistic functions of eProcessing because many other solutions complicate things by trying to add too many unnecessary functions.

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Square Mobile Payment

Square is a great tool for those businesses that don’t accept a lot of payments.  It’s simple to use, can be purchased online, and doesn’t have any monthly fees.  It’s a great tool for businesses that are small and just starting out as well as companies that only see a credit card every couple of months.  

Although there are no monthly fees associated with Square, the processing fees can be quite costly if you process over $5,000.00 consistently.  We recommend Square to small boutique stores, hairdressers, fair retailers, or small volume seasonal accounts.

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