Do you need an merchant services independent review? 

Merchant Services Independent Review

Helping business owners doesn’t always relate to making them a customer.  As an advocate for the credit card processing industry I get to see many things.  I was recently called into a business that had six tire and auto repair locations scattered across Phoenix, AZ.  They had a dilemma of what credit card processing company to choose from so they called me in because they knew they could trust me to give them an honest answer as to which direction they should go.

Right away we got started by reviewing their current provider.  We reviewed their statements to understand the business model, the types of transactions that were taken, the size of them, as well as each stores volume and customer base.

After that we focused on the list of providers.  Up until now they had been using regular credit card terminals, but were now looking at point of sale providers that provided additional feature functionality than they currently had as well as provided a much better level of reporting.  Their second option was their bank who also provided them with a revolving line of credit.  The third option was me as Digital Financial Group.

As we evaluated each option and reviewed the features of each solution, it quickly became obvious that the point of sale provider was the leader.  In checking with the point of sale provider we found out that they could use a third party credit card provider such as Digital Financial Group, but unfortunately the reporting was a limitation in that scenario.  It wasn’t a huge deal, however it was definitely a con in the pros and cons evaluation.  Upon final review of everything the business looked to me and my suggestion.  Obviously at this point I could have directed them to use the point of sale provider with me as the merchant service entity.  However, as an advocate for the business and being a business owner myself that just wouldn’t have sat well.

As a result, I instructed them to choose the point of sale provider as an end to end solution.  The solution was just the best overall fit for them and their six locations because it helped them manage and get control over all their business functions.  Obviously I spent time, energy, and focus on this just to urge them to go to another provider, but in the end we all came to the right decision for that business.

Sometimes what’s right for the business isn’t always what’s right for my business.  Being able to provide an independent review and steer a business in a direction that makes sense for them is much more valuable.  Do I want to be successful, of course I do, but I’m not going to do it where it just doesn’t make sense.  My integrity with that business owner is much more important and being able to say that I helped another business owner with their success is why I am here.  So if you are interested in obtaining an independent review of your payment acceptance process and/or equipment feel free to reach out to us.

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