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Online Payments Let Your Business Work When You Are Not

Offering online payments is the convenience your customers expect and what is needed for your business to stay competitive in today’s fast paced world. 

Payment Processing Online, Anytime

Conveniently allow customers to purchase products and services, or setup recurring billing and subscriptions at the time of purchase.

Increase Revenue

Online payment software makes it easy to accept new orders even when you are not available to take them. By accepting online payments, your business can work while you are not.

Take the Guess Work Out of “IT”

There’s no need to waste any more time on continuously follow-up calls or emails to confirm if an order has been placed. E-mail confirmations are automatically sent when you collect payments online.

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Website Payment Processing

Looking to process payments on your website?  Look no further than Digital Financial Group for online payment processing.  We have all the latest and most secure forms for processing your payments via your website.  Whether you need a simple “Pay Now” button with a link, installing a payment iframe section, to full on integration, we have all the necessary solutions.  

We make the process simple, and with one point of contact for support, the transition will be easy.  All of our products and tools are at the highest level of PCI Compliance for secure forms of payment acceptance.

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Recurring Billing Options

Recurring billing can be a life saver if you have regular customers who make regular payments.  Recurring payment programs allow you to

  1. Build customer accounts
  2. Enter their credit card billing number
  3. Set up how often you want them billed

Once you’ve completed this process, your billing is done automatically with the frequency you’ve determined.  No hassle, no consumption of precious time that could be spent elsewhere within the business.

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