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Given today’s application or software development market, one has to be agile and quick to keep up with change.  Development used to take months, and the costs were exorbitant, and once a decision was made it cost too much and took too long to go another direction.  


However, we live in a different world today, one that moves quickly and change is a constant.  Software development doesn’t take as long, and the costs are less expensive, so it’s easier to make changes.  For this reason, your payment gateway needs to be able to move just as fast as your business does.  As a state of the art Merchant service provider, we work with hundreds of different payment gateways.  We don’t just offer one solution because your business is unique and has different needs and requirements.  


Digital Financial Group offers its payment gateway, but that’s not always the best fit because we put your needs above ours. Whether you have an existing solution that uses an existing payment gateway or you’re a new startup looking to integrate, we can help you find the solution that fits your business needs.


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