Clover A Point of Sale System

Clover a Point of Sale System that Helps You Grow Revenue


I know that statement doesn’t make sense right?  How can a point of sale (POS) system help your business grow revenue when all it does is accept payments?  Moreover, most of them have some monthly service fee tied to it so how is it possible a POS system can grow revenue?

Enter Clover POS.  Cover POS is a tablet based point of sale system that first and foremost was designed to make a business owners or managers life easier, but that’s not where it stops.  One of the greatest features of Clover is that it has allowed other software providers the ability to code and integrate their application with Clovers operating system.  Having this functionality has provided some awesome tools that help you grow revenue.

Perka – An integrated loyalty program

Perka sets a new standard for loyalty programs by fully integrating their mobile app into the Clover Point of Sale solution.  What’s even better is that Perka is a nationwide company that many businesses are already using.  Which means, thousands of consumers already have the app on their phone and are using it today.

Perka uses what’s called beacon technology to identify your customers as they walk through the door.  All the customer has to have is the app on their phone and boom, they receive the special of the day, the welcome message, or any other content you have provided.

Simultaneously the loyal customer shows up on the Clover screen, allowing you to greet that customer by name and by offer.  So how does this increase revenue?

First, as a loyal customer earning rewards or specials consumers are more willing to come back and spend more.  Consumers are creatures of habit and they tend to frequent locations that they have some personal affliction to.

Secondly, the Perka app allows you to reach customers when they are not on premise.  If you’re a restaurant and you have a daily spaghetti dinner you want to promote.  You can publish that special at 3pm so when people see it they think about your location.  Perka creates brand loyalty by driving new repeated visits through communication and awareness like no other tool.

Insightics – Analytics to focus your marketing

Surely by now you have heard of big data.  Understanding and using big data can help you make decisions based on actuals instead of gut feelings. When a credit card transaction takes place data is collected about that consumer.

Using the Insightics tool, a business can pin point at a high level on a map where their customers are, how close they live, or better yet determine where they don’t have any customers.  The information obtained could then be used to better target marketing campaigns for greater returns.  For example, if a particular business identifies using

For example, if a particular business identifies using Insightics that all their customers are coming from the north and none from the south.  They can then do a special mail drop to those businesses or consumers to the south to entice them into the business.

Before Insightics this decision was a gut decision with marketing dollars spent for the entire area diluting the rate of return spent.   Insightics is built right into the software and it’s just way of helping you grow revenue.

Abreeze Software – Integration of MailChimp and Constant Contact

If you have an email marketing program, odds are you are either using or are familiar with MailChimp and Constant Contact.  These are great tools to use but how do you grow your list?

Do you ask for your customer’s email addresses?  And if so, where do you keep them prior to logging into your MailChimp or Constant Contact account.  It seems simple enough, however business happens and these are all things we forget to do consistently.

Using Clover along with its integrated application Abreeze, tasks like these are eliminated.  And what’s even better is if you have setup the automated features within your MailChimp or Constant Contact account, all your staff needs to do is enter the email address into Clover and boom, that person is part of the program.

Clover Final Thoughts

These are just three benefits of the Clover POS. It can help you increase your revenue in your store or restaurant.  What is your POS system doing for you?  Maybe it’s time to have a discussion.  Call us today for additional questions or for more information on this topic.  Feel free to reach out to us at 602-635-6494 or visit us on the web at

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