Gateway Ticketing System

Gateway Ticketing Systems for Theme Parks, Attractions, Zoo's and Aquariums Point of Sale Solution Made Easy

Gateway Ticketing System

Facilitating a complex environment such as a theme park, zoo, or aquarium can be very frustrating unless you have the right knowledge and support team to help.  As a purveyor of credit card processing, we get called into all types of businesses and when a theme park, attraction, zoo, or aquarium calls we turn to Gateway Ticketing System for guidance and support.  

The team at Digital Financial Group of Arizona are experts in the credit card processing industry.  We can provide in-depth education relative to the industry, such as pricing, rules, and regulations, as well as technology, but we also know that these types of complex environments require much more.


Customer Ticketing

Depending on your type of venue, having customers standing around waiting in long lines can be disastrous.  Nobody wants to create an unhappy customer from them waiting around just to get into your facility.  Gateway Ticketing Systems has account managers that work with all types of venues to understand customer throughput.  Onsite ticketing may be the customer’s first exposure to your facility so you’ll want to make sure that the line keeps moving efficiently and effectively.

Customer Membership

An essential part of the customer experience is becoming a member. Many theme parks, attractions, zoo’s or aquariums have membership programs.  

The Gateway Ticketing System not only provides ticketing, but it also has a membership program that can incentivize customers by delivering loyalty points or discounts.  Gateway Ticketing can also track and view members so that the organization itself can reach out or communicate individually to those customers.  It’s an excellent tool for keeping track or learning the interests of the venues closest and in most cases top revenue customers.

POS Food & Beverage Stations

Within these types of venues, there are typically food and beverage areas which can also be controlled by a Gateway Ticketing System.  Having great resources like Gateway Ticketing to help review how many cash registers are needed, the menu items to be included, as well as the reporting needs can be invaluable.  And while they’re working through those details, Digital Financial Group can help with, the type of equipment, the setup and downloading of the machines, as well as the merchant accounts needed and what reporting requirements exist.

Retail Stores

Souvenir stores are also big within a theme park, zoo, or aquarium facilities.  And like food and beverage areas, or ticketing, this is another area that you don’t want customers standing around waiting.  Customers standing around waiting provides them with the opportunity to get frustrated and ultimately thinking twice about the item they are about to purchase and walking out.  Again, this is where the account managers from Gateway Ticketing Systems can help.  They can identify how much space you have for the store, how many items you’ll have in it, and how many cash registers are needed to support the environment.

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Together, Gateway Ticketing System and Digital Financial Group of Arizona make a great team.  Gateway Ticketing Systems has been around for over 30 years and has a robust presence and knowledge in the theme park, attraction, zoo, and aquarium space.  We find that they are the experts in their arena and they are always easy to work with.  On the other side, Digital Financial Group of Arizona has 25 years of experience in payment acceptance, credit card processing, industry rules, and regulations, as well as significant implementations such as theme parks and attractions.

If you still have questions or would like more information about these topics, feel free to reach out to us.  We provide honest, straightforward, unbiased, representation to save you hours of frustration and headaches. To learn more about how Digital Financial Group can help you and your business, feel free to reach out to us at or call 623-764-7471.


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