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Short Term Merchant Accounts We Assist You With Ease

Looking to setup a merchant account for an event that you are hosting? Digital Financial Group is the only credit card processor that can setup a merchant account for a one-time event or short term basis.  Non-profits love us because we can assist them for their donation raising dinner, golf outing, or time sensitive event.  For some businesses, they only need a merchant account open for just a short period allowing them to process credit cards and then closing the account until next year.  No other credit card processor has short term merchant accounts, and no other company can support the needs of this type of business model like Digital Financial Group.

Not only can Digital Financial Group set up these types of accounts, but we can also supply them with hardware to make things go smoothly. Often volunteers are staffed at these events so having the support as well as easy to use hardware and software can make all the difference. The hardware and process need to work seamlessly because checkout lines are long and people need to quickly move through the checkout process.  The accounting needs to be simple yet be able to keep track of every donation made and sometimes even put into categories.

We love setting up short term processing accounts because we love to get involved in our communities.  Each one of them is different in what they need and what the event is which helps us get creative and think outside the box.

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