Step-Up Your Fundraising Efforts with a Short-term Merchant Account for Charities or Events

Step-Up Your Fundraising Efforts with a Short-term Merchant Account for Charities or Events

Credit Card Processing for Fundraisers

Fundraising efforts can be difficult when trying to process credit cards. Short-term merchant account for charities or events is a crucial part of fundraising for the non-profit community and short-term merchant account eliminates the hassles.  The events are major undertakings for staff members who must handle their current roles within the company as well as coordinate everything for the event.  It’s a feat that comes with excitement and dread every year because of so much time and effort that goes into every event.

It’s Easy to Qualify for a Short-Term Merchant Account for a Charity or Event

One major aspect of these events is the ability to accept credit cards during these events.  Having people pay with cash limits the amount that they can donate, so credit card processing is a must at these events. 

However, for most nonprofits, there is not an easy credit card processing solution.  Using their existing provider may not be an option because of the lack of equipment available for swiping out in the field so a good solution is a short-term merchant account for charities or event.   

Many look to Square as a solution which is costly at 2.75% +$0.30 per swipe.  Of course, that’s only if they swipe the card.  If they key in the transaction, then it’s 3.49%.  Other event coordinators have issues because of the sheer volume of cards being processed at an event.  Getting your processing turned off during an event or having funds held after the event only creates unneeded frustration and difficulties for days after the event.  We suggested a short-term account for charities or events.

Digital Financial Group has a great track record for supporting these events and is the ONLY credit card processor that can setup what is called a short-term merchant account for charities or events.  Fundraisers are typically run for short periods of time.  They can be for just one night, one weekend, or possibly one month depending on the fundraising model.  Because of this, fundraisers need a short-term credit card processing account that is specific to the needs of that event.  Having the experience and knowledge of how to setup an account correctly can make life easier for everyone involved.  Setting up a short-term merchant account for charities or events of this nature isn’t rocket science, but it does take some knowledge to ensure success.  Then, once the event is over and all the debits and credits are recorded, the account has to be turned off so that no other monthly fees are incurred, and no early termination fees are charged.  Having this ability as well as our personal support and knowledge is what sets us apart from all the rest.

Simple to Use for Volunteers

Having a system or equipment in place is one thing.  Keeping it simple to use is another.  Non-profits typically obtain volunteers from wherever possible to help with these events.  The volunteers vary by age and by education so make sure you have a credit card processing tool that is simple to use is a top priority.  It also has to be simple enough that training the users is turn-key.  In some cases, we provide resources out in the field on the day of the event to help or answer any questions that may come up.  These events are stressful and Digital Financial Group is there to help you be successful.

Equipment Lending

At the end of any event, there’s always a mad rush for the door.  Making sure everyone settles out their donation quickly and efficiently is always a challenge at any event.  We understand that the checkout line needs to move quickly and efficiently.  For that reason, we provide extra equipment such as swipers and even in some cases Ipads that allow volunteers to quickly check people out and get them moving on with their evening.  We provide this equipment as part of the package or for a nominal rental fee.  The extra equipment not only keeps the lines moving, but it also allows for dividing the types of purchases up as well as separates the reporting from one volunteer to the next.  Because accounting for everything after the event is over is just as important during the event.

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