Who Would You Rather Do Business With?

Do Business With???

Part of becoming a business owner is the responsibility to make decisions.  Whether it’s choosing a vendor, choosing where to advertise, or who to hire the process can quickly turn an owner from being excited to wanting to drink on a daily basis.  The fortunate or unfortunate problem is that there is never a shortage of people knocking on your door looking to sell the next greatest widget. The world is always changing!  The one thing that remains consistent, for every business owner, is that he/she constantly has to worry about making the correct decisions in order to keep the doors open.

When I started selling merchant services 13 years ago, I remember pushing my products like they were the best thing since sliced bread and why wouldn’t anyone want to buy them.  After a few people put me in my place, I quickly realized that what really set me apart were my years of experience and my ability to help business owners protect their businesses.  So how do you choose who you’re going to do business with?

When it comes to credit card processing, the industry has been commoditized to the point that it’s very easy for anyone to get an account.  Every merchant service company now advertises about how easy it is to get an account and how great their pricing is.  Unfortunately, business owners are not informed about the pitfalls and risks that come with accepting electronic payments.  So, ask yourself this question, and it can apply to every decision you make, “Who would you rather do business with?”  Someone who has years of experience selling and supporting their customers or someone who has a year or less experience in their field?

In our own little space of credit card processing, Digital Financial Group, has tried to create a safe haven for business owners.  We’ve tried to create a place where business owners know we’re there to help them and that we have their back.  We’ve put the systems in place that monitor for fraud and inconsistencies.  We only hire the best people who have worked in the industry for many years and have worked for corporations such as First Data and TSYS(Total Systems).

I personally worked at TSYS for 9 years starting in 1993 and have been setting up businesses with credit card processing since 2002.  And in my 20 years in this industry, I have seen and supported pretty much every type of business model.  We help to protect customers by having $100,000 worth of breach insurance which many companies don’t have at all or don’t insure their businesses for such a large amount.  We also try to help educate our customers on the best ways to protect themselves from the liabilities of payment processing.  Recently chip cards have come into play and now there is even a greater liability that has been placed on businesses for not accepting these types of cards.  The ability to get setup and process credit cards with a merchant account may have been commoditized in recent years but the liabilities and risks have not.  So why risk your business in dealing with someone who has minimal experience?  You own a business and you should demand more from your merchant service representative and for that matter, all your vendors!

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